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Before you understood that you were ace, how did you think about things?

The title of this blogpost consists of a question asked by Red Beard Ace in a post published on Friday, 11 December. This simple-looking and yet tricky question made me think about the time before I came across the word … Weiterlesen

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Gastartikel: 1Q84

Gastbeitrag von Yannic. Yannic schreibt auf der eigenen Website ueber Veganismus, Open Source, Linux, Minimalismus oder ganz allgemein sich selbst. In Zukunft vielleicht auch mehr ueber Queeres/Asexualitaet. ein paar Hinweise vorweg: ich habe nur Buch 1 und 2 auf deutsch … Weiterlesen

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Why it is important to write in your mother-tongue

For a very long time, I felt more at ease writing in a foreign language (English or French) than in my mother-tongue (German). This was probably the consequence of my aversion against the town in which I spent my youth. … Weiterlesen

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