Man is the cruelest animal

This quote of Friedrich Nietzsche came to my mind when a fellow student told me about the assassination of 12 employes (10 + 2 police officers or security guards to be precisely) of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris this morning. I’m still shocked. 3 people claiming to fight in the name of Allah, shooting 12 people because they „denigrated“ their God in their caricatures. All this in a time where people are going crazy because of fearing  an „islamisation of the Occident“ (see the Pegida movement in Dresden). I fear that this event will even increase the islamophobia in the Western world which has already become frightening in the last few years. A lot of people don’t differentiate between  muslims and Islamic fundamentalists and politics is even aggravating the situation by searching for problems within the islamic religion instead of questionning their immigration politics and their way to deal with the multiculturalism of their country in general.

I’m not only scared by the fact that our freedom of opinion has been attacked profoundly today but I’m also worried about the way our society will treat the islam in the future. Most people tend to generalize and the paranoia our Western societies have concerning the islam has already assumed alarming proportions – just take a look at these thousands of people in Dresden demonstrating against an „islamisation of the Occident“ while there are under 1% of muslims living in and around Dresden !!

When I watch or read the news nowadays I have the impression that so many mistakes and crimes of the past are reproduced or commited by other groups of people. And I am condemned to watch everything happening.

Charb, one of the assassinated caricaturists, once said: „Je préfère mourir debout que vivre à genoux“ (Translation: I prefer to die than live like a cat – literally he said that he rather died  standing than living on his knees). The head quarter of Charlie Hebdo has already been attacked by islamic fundamentalists in the past. Several employes were protected by security guards and had to live with the permanent fear to be killed. In such a context I don’t  know if I had the courage to stick to my principles as Charb did. I hope so! However, I would like to express my admiration for the work of Stéphane Charbonnier (his full name) and especially for this one sentence which will hopefully remain in our collective memory!

May my darkest fears never become true!


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